Alex Archodis
Thank you for the heroic patience you’ve shown throughout my life’s ups and downs. Being there, no matter what. You make me a better woman everyday, surrounding me with music and love…

Chicho Frumboli
Thank you for inspiring me to be stubborn with what I believe and don’t let anyone stop me. You taught me respect.

Fabian Peralta
Thank you for being my friend. You are beautiful.

Nikos Magos
Thank you for your photos. Don’t let your talent go to waste.

Sebastian Arce – Mariana Montes
Thank you for making me love tango and work harder and harder each day.

Semeon Kukormin
Thank you for teaching me to appreciate life in silence.

Thomas Siomos
Thank you for being that person who does not forget how he started and is always willing to help young people grow.